For the last five years, plenty of people in the golf world have been wondering just who will be the next Tiger Woods. This same question was asked when Michael Jordan retired from basketball, when Wayne Gretsky retired from hockey, and when Bucky Doren finally calls it quits in radio. 

The answer to Michael Jordan of course is Lebron James.  The answer to Wayne Gretsky is Sidney Crosby, but until this year we were left with a void to who will be the next great superstar of Golf.

Ladies and Gentleman meet Rory Mcilroy! He has won his last Two PGA Tour events. Rory is only 25 years old and has 15 professional wins along with Four major championships in Golf. Since the lifespan of a professional golfer is much longer than that of a professional Football or Basketball player, expect Rory to be around for a long time to come.