The Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office is reminding everyone that this is the time of year for repair scams.

With the warmer weather coming so do the scams.

These scams include people offering to do painting of barns and outbuildings, blacktopping of driveways and the sales of lightening rods. Remember the saying, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

If you do make purchases make sure there is a contract in the form of a Bill of Sale that spells out everything that is being done. Check the person(s) and/or company out by contacting the Better Business Bureau. Check with businesses that do the same type of work and make sure that you are paying the fair market price for what you are getting. If you have questions or if the work price seems to be inexpensive or vice-versa the price seems to be rather high call your local law enforcement and make an inquiry.

Every year we have people fall victim to these scams. Don't be one of those victims.

For more information about scams in Iowa, visit the Better Business Bureau of Greater Iowa.