After North East Iowa was hit with 10+ inches of snow, I thought I'd see how accurate the forecast was in the latest Farmer's Almanac. I'll be honest, I was shocked how close it was.

The boss has been riding me about cleaning my desk, so I decided to clean off my desk. I stumbled across the latest edition of the Farmer's Almanac. As with all projects you don't really want to do, I was easily distracted. I decided to see if the forecast predicted the 10 inches we received.

For the week of Dec. 27-31, 2015, the almanac called for heavy snow north, rain south, and sunny and cold late in our region. That's actually what happened to begin the week. We saw tons of snow, and Missouri is dealing with record-breaking floods. The week ends with cold temps in sunshine by Friday.

It looks like the farmers in charge of the almanac know what they are talking about.