Our little Irish Girl Lainie Brooks from the BnB Morning Show got into the St. Patrick's Day holiday spirit. See the picture of what Bucky had to look at all morning long.

If you're hearing this, I assume it's because you're NOT out drinking.  Time to live vicariously through the people who are.

Here are six stats about St. Patrick's Day this year . . .

1.  51.2% of Americans are celebrating in some way. After all, it's the one day that everyone has a little Irish in them.

2.  More than four out of five people are wearing green today. Probably to avoid being pinched for not wearing green.

3.  Americans will spend a total of $4.4 BILLION on St. Patrick's Day.  That's based on an average of $35.40 per person. That's a lot of green beer.

4.  People around the world will drink 13 million pints of Guinness today. Brilliant!

5.  Even more important:  We'll eat 70% more CABBAGE this week than we do during a normal week. "Holy Tums", bat man.

6.  And finally, St. Patrick's Day is actually the FOURTH most popular drinking holiday of the year, behind New Year's Eve . . . Christmas . . . and July 4th. Christmas as number two? Isn't that supposed to be more about family? Then again, but maybe that's the reason why people turn to get their drink on.