This week into next week is a prime time to see the majestic fall colors northeast Iowa has to offer according to the latest report from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The colors in northeast Iowa seem quite vibrant this year in spite of the drought-like conditions we've endured the past few months.

Last week's NEI report listed sumac and Virginia Creeper in full fall color. They continue with their beautiful display. Over the next week-plus, many maples will join in the array of colors. The walnut, elm, aspen, cottonwood, basswood will also begin to add a bright yellow into the mix. The Iowa DNR estimates the peak viewing time in northeast Iowa as, "Late first week to early second week of October."

The North central and northwest Iowa area also will see it's peak viewing time over the next 10 days. Although not much has changed in this area, the colors are still quite dynamic.Virginia creeper, sumac, and sugar maples are showing a brilliant red now. Just starting to add shades of yellow are green ash, walnut, and hackberry. The Iowa DNR expect the white ash to start adding purple into the medley of colors.

You can call the Iowa DNR's Statewide Conditions hotline at 515-233-4110 for the latest report.