Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate and the other members of Iowa’s Executive Council conducted the official state canvass for the 2016 general election this week. The canvass is the official tally of the votes. It is done to account for every ballot cast and ensure every valid vote is included in the election totals.

“More than 72 percent of registered voters participated, which ranks us in the top five in the nation in voter turnout. I am very proud of Iowans for making their voices heard and I want to give a huge thanks to all 99 county auditors and the 10,000 poll workers across the state for their hard work in ensuring a fair, clean election process.” - Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate

Relevant statistics and notes

(R)Trump/Pence--800,983 (50.63%)
(D)Clinton/Kaine-653,669 (41.32%)
(L) Johnson/Weld-41,132 (2.6%)

Total ballots cast: 1,581,371

*** The Libertarian Party of Iowa is now eligible for full political party status since the Johnson/Weld ticket surpassed the 2 percent threshold.

-72% turnout (5th highest in the U.S.)
Top 2016 Counties
1. Harrison 87.91%
2. Sioux 83.57%
3. Ringgold 82.99%
4. Fayette 80.81%
5. Delaware 78.86%
6. Audubon 78.28%

Absentee voting statistics:

Top counties for absentee/early voting in 2016:
1. Winneshiek 56.27%
2. Johnson 53.95
3. Jefferson 51.91
4. Dickinson 50.57%

Straight party voting: 33%

Under votes in judges’ races: about 500,000

The full canvass results are posted on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website.