On June 24, 2016, Eric Stanton visited the Marshalltown Speedway victory lane for the eighth time out of nine nights. See complete results for all classes here.

After ripping of seven straight Hobby Stock wins to start the season, Stanton finished second last week (June 17) to Eugene Nicklas. One week later he returned to victory. Jamie Songer, Chad LeGere, Gary Pfantz, and Adam Petrzelka rounded out the top five.

Jacob Murray took the win in the 20-lap Modified A-Main. Richie Gustin Jr worked his way from his 20th place starting position to finish second. Cody Laney, Jimmy Gustin, and Jenae Gustin completed the top five.

Donavon Smith added to his season points lead with in the Stock Car feature. Smith came from a seventh place starting spot. Damon Murty, who started eighth, followed Smith through the pack to finish second. Dave Atcher, Jeff Wollam, and Michael Jaennette made up the rest of the top five.

Sixth place starter Joey Schaefer won the SportMod A-Main. SportMod Points Leader Jared VanDeest drove from 19th on the starting grid to take second. Brayton Carter was third.

Mike Morrill won the Mod Lite A-Main.

Racing continues next Friday (July 1) at the Marshalltown Speedway. Late Models will join the regular weekly racing program.

JUNE 4, 2016

IMCA Hobby Stocks A-Main:
1. Eric Stanton (Carlisle, Ia), 2. Jamie Songer (Ankeny, IA), 3. Chad LeGere (Ankeny, IA), 4. Gary Pfantz (State Center, IA), 5. Adam Petrzelka (Norway, IA), 6. Brandon Pitts (Ames, IA), 7. Jack Phillips (Mitchellville, IA), 8. David Simpson (Ankeny, Ia), 9. Mitchell Thomas (Marshalltown, IA), 10. Travis Merical (Marshalltown, IA), 11. Scott Durlin (Orange City, FL), 12. Allen Fleener (Altoona, IA), 13. Bryan Keeney (Nevada, IA), 14. Andy Peck (Newton, Ia), 15. Eugene Nicklas (Grinnell, IA), 16. Leah Wroten (Independence, IA), 17. Preston Merical (Collins, IA), 18. Craig Lovig (Marshalltown, IA),

HEAT 1: 1. Eugene Nicklas (Grinnell, IA), 2. Jamie Songer (Ankeny, IA), 3. Adam Petrzelka (Norway, IA), 4. Allen Fleener (Altoona, IA), 5. Mitchell Thomas (Marshalltown, IA), 6. Preston Merical (Collins, IA),

HEAT 2: 1. David Simpson (Ankeny, Ia), 2. Gary Pfantz (State Center, IA), 3. Eric Stanton (Carlisle, Ia), 4. Jack Phillips (Mitchellville, IA), 5. Bryan Keeney (Nevada, IA), 6. Craig Lovig (Marshalltown, IA),

HEAT 3: 1. Leah Wroten (Independence, IA), 2. Scott Durlin (Orange City, FL), 3. Brandon Pitts (Ames, IA), 4. Chad LeGere (Ankeny, IA), 5. Andy Peck (Newton, Ia), 6. Travis Merical (Marshalltown, IA),

IMCA Modifieds A-Main:
1. Jacob Murray (Hartford, IA), 2. Richie Gustin (Gilman, IA), 3. Cody Laney (Torrance, CA), 4. Jimmy Gustin (Marshalltown, IA), 5. Jenae Gustin (Marshalltown , Ia), 6. Tim Ward (, AZ), 7. Ronn Lauritzen (Jesup, IA), 8. Brandon Leeman (Roland, IA), 9. Rod Clement (Rhodes, IA), 10. Scott Simatovich (State Center, IA), 11. Andrew Kinser (Marshalltown, IA), 12. Trent Jackson (Marshalltown, IA), 13. Austin Emry (Kellogg, IA), 14. Jake Strayer (Newton, IA), 15. Tyler Gross (Ankeny, IA), 16. Ethan Dotson (Bakersfield, CA), 17. Josh Gilman (Earlham, IA), 18. Chase Ellingson (Iowa Falls, IA), 19. Racer Hulin (Laurel, ia), 20. Adam Larson (Ames, IA),

HEAT 1: 1. Trent Jackson (Marshalltown, IA), 2. Jenae Gustin (Marshalltown , Ia), 3. Adam Larson (Ames, IA), 4. Jimmy Gustin (Marshalltown, IA), 5. Tyler Gross (Ankeny, IA), 6. Chase Ellingson (Iowa Falls, IA), 7. Austin Emry (Kellogg, IA),

HEAT 2: 1. Ronn Lauritzen (Jesup, IA), 2. Tim Ward (, AZ), 3. Ethan Dotson (Bakersfield, CA), 4. Scott Simatovich (State Center, IA), 5. Rod Clement (Rhodes, IA), 6. Racer Hulin (Laurel, ia), 7. Richie Gustin (Gilman, IA),

HEAT 3: 1. Jake Strayer (Newton, IA), 2. Jacob Murray (Hartford, IA), 3. Cody Laney (Torrance, CA), 4. Josh Gilman (Earlham, IA), 5. Brandon Leeman (Roland, IA), 6. Andrew Kinser (Marshalltown, IA),

IMCA SportMods A-Main:
1. Joey Schaefer (Nevada, IA), 2. Jared VanDeest (Holland, Ia), 3. Brayton Carter (Oskaloosa, Ia), 4. Carter Vandenberg (Oskaloosa, IA), 5. Jake McBirnie (Boone, IA), 6. Jayme Duinink (Pella, Ia), 7. Travis Peterson (Gladbrook, Ia), 8. Cory Rose (Boone, IA), 9. Brett Lowry (Montezuma, Ia), 10. Daniel Tasler (Jefferson, IA), 11. Lyle Sathoff (Armstrong, IA), 12. Kevin Yearington (Des Moines, IA), 13. Tom Rawlins (Kellogg, IA), 14. Shawn Cooney (Des Moines, IA), 15. Matt Petrzelka (Norway, IA), 16. Ryan King (Montour, IA), 17. Neil Follett (Conrad, IA), 18. Jami Ritter (Keystone, Ia), 19. Shawn Hunter (Zearing, IA), 20. Lee Becker (Belle Plaine, IA), 21. Randy Roberts (Boone, Ia), 22. Brandon Tharp (Center Point, IA), 23. Sam Wieben (Dysart, Ia), 24. Chase Rudolf (Norwalk, IA), 25. Blair Simmons (Des Moines, IA), 26. Curt Hilmer (Dysart, IA),

HEAT 1: 1. Curt Hilmer (Dysart, IA), 2. Carter Vandenberg (Oskaloosa, IA), 3. Daniel Tasler (Jefferson, IA), 4. Neil Follett (Conrad, IA), 5. Randy Roberts (Boone, Ia), 6. Lyle Sathoff (Armstrong, IA), 7. Lee Becker (Belle Plaine, IA),

HEAT 2: 1. Brayton Carter (Oskaloosa, Ia), 2. Kevin Yearington (Des Moines, IA), 3. Travis Peterson (Gladbrook, Ia), 4. Cory Rose (Boone, IA), 5. Brett Lowry (Montezuma, Ia), 6. Ryan King (Montour, IA), 7. Blair Simmons (Des Moines, IA),

HEAT 3: 1. Shawn Cooney (Des Moines, IA), 2. Tom Rawlins (Kellogg, IA), 3. Jake McBirnie (Boone, IA), 4. Matt Petrzelka (Norway, IA), 5. Jared VanDeest (Holland, Ia), 6. Shawn Hunter (Zearing, IA),

HEAT 4: 1. Joey Schaefer (Nevada, IA), 2. Jami Ritter (Keystone, Ia), 3. Jayme Duinink (Pella, Ia), 4. Sam Wieben (Dysart, Ia), 5. Chase Rudolf (Norwalk, IA), 6. Brandon Tharp (Center Point, IA),

IMCA Stock Cars A-Main:
1. Donavon Smith (Lake City, ia), 2. Damon Murty (Chelsea, IA), 3. Dave Atcher (Laurel, IA), 4. Jeff Wollam (Marshalltown, IA), 5. Michael Jaennette (Kellogg, IA), 6. Steve Meyer (Grundy Center, IA), 7. Norman Chesmore (Rowley, IA), 8. Chris Wilse (Huxley, IA), 9. Jared Daggett (Marshalltown, IA), 10. Kyle Everts (Holland, IA), 11. Nate Thelen (Kellogg, IA), 12. Curt Balmer (Green Mountain, IA), 13. Russel Damme (Waterloo, IA), 14. Jason VanSickle (Webster City, IA), 15. Jay Schmidt (Tama, IA), 16. Tyler Pickett (Boxhom, IA), 17. Matt Deaton (Newton, Ia), 18. Justin Lovig (Clemons, IA),

HEAT 1: 1. Steve Meyer (Grundy Center, IA), 2. Jeff Wollam (Marshalltown, IA), 3. Kyle Everts (Holland, IA), 4. Jay Schmidt (Tama, IA), 5. Curt Balmer (Green Mountain, IA), 6. Jason VanSickle (Webster City, IA),

HEAT 2: 1. Donavon Smith (Lake City, ia), 2. Tyler Pickett (Boxhom, IA), 3. Norman Chesmore (Rowley, IA), 4. Jared Daggett (Marshalltown, IA), 5. Russel Damme (Waterloo, IA), 6. Chris Wilse (Huxley, IA),

HEAT 3: 1. Dave Atcher (Laurel, IA), 2. Damon Murty (Chelsea, IA), 3. Michael Jaennette (Kellogg, IA), 4. Nate Thelen (Kellogg, IA), 5. Justin Lovig (Clemons, IA), 6. Matt Deaton (Newton, Ia),

Mod Lites A-Main:
1. Mike Morrill (Altoona, IA), 2. Joe Glick (Des Moines, Ia), 3. Randy Bryan (Ames, IA), 4. Travis Stensland (Nevada, Ia), 5. Erin Turner (Newton, IA), 6. Josh May (De Soto, IA), 7. Kevin Grisham (Ogden, IA), 8. Larry Sorenson (Ames, IA),

HEAT: 1. Mike Morrill (Altoona, IA), 2. Randy Bryan (Ames, IA), 3. Erin Turner (Newton, IA), 4. Travis Stensland (Nevada, Ia), 5. Kevin Grisham (Ogden, IA), 6. Josh May (De Soto, IA), 7. Larry Sorenson (Ames, IA), 8. Joe Glick (Des Moines, Ia),