It was Budweiser Season Championship night at Independence Motor Speedway, and Tom Schmitt was up for the 'Challenge' in the IMCA Burco Sales Stock Car main event on August 27, 2016

Tom Schmitt Wins at Independence (Photo: Speedway Souvenir)

Schmitt came into the night with the 2016 track championship locked up, but he said before the race that he wanted to give the fans a show, so he accepted the back row challenge. Schmitt gave up his front row starting spot to start in the back. If he won, he would double his money.

Roger Cielieski (also eligible for the back row challenge) was scheduled to start fourth, and too wanted to entertain the crowd. He accepted the same challenge, and boy did those two drivers put on a show and entertain the masses.

The two drivers worked their way through the field closing in on the leader every lap. Despite only seeing one caution period (lap 5 of 20), Schmitt & Cielieski found themselves battling for the lead during the final five laps. Schmitt held of Cielieski for the narrow win. Early race leader Jarod Weepie finished third followed by Norman Chesmore and Scooter Dulin.

Sean Johnson led all 30 laps of the IMCA Budweiser Late Model A-Main. Ben Seeman pursued Johnson, but Johnson was able to navigate through lap traffic quicker and opened up a commanding lead. A caution flag waved on lap 20 (of 30). On the restart, Johnson was able to distance himself from Seeman for the win. Seeman came home in second. Curt Martin finished third. Darren Ackerman was fourth.

Tyler Droste took the back row challenge hoping to double his money thanks to a track bonus and extra money that Travis Smock of People's Company offered up. Droste ended up finishing fifth.

The IMCA Performance Bodies Modified points chance was the tightest battle heading into the final points night at the Independence Motor Speedway. Ronn Lauritzen held a mere seven-point lead over Scott Hogan. Hogan led the first three laps until Lauritzen wrestled the top spot away. Lauritzen would lead the final 17 laps for the win, and he iced the 2016 Modified track championship. JD Auringer finished second. Hogan was third followed by Zach Less and Ryan Maitland.

Benji Irvine led all fifteen laps of the IMCA Christie Door Company Hobby Stock A-Main. Justin Lichty and Justin Hansen hounded the leader the entire race, but neither had enough to push past Irvine. Lichty and Hansen finished second and third respectively. Neal Miller came home fourth. Quinton Miller started 18th, and he finished an impressive 5th.

Tony Olson is in the hunt for the IMCA Northern SportMod National Championship, and he edged a little closer to that goal with his win during the A-Main at Independence on August 27. Olson lead all 15 laps as he earned his 27th win on the year. Joey Schafer drove from his 16th place starting spot to apply pressure on Olson for the win, but he settled for second. Jim Buhlman finished third. Dakoda Sellers drove from 11th to finish fourth, and Mitch Manternach started 12th to finish fifth.

Olson was crowned the 2016 IMCA Albert Auto SportMod champion at Independence.

Erger stole the lead away from eventual RCZ Enterprises Indee Car track Champion Cole McNeal during a lap four restart, and he would cruise to the win. Cole Suckow and Dallon Murty rounded out the top three.

The 2016 point season has wrapped up at the Independence Motor Speedway, but there is still one more night of racing planned at the Buchanan County Fairgrounds speed plant. On Saturday, September 17, the track will host one more night of racing before they close the gates for the season. The night will be sponsored by Albert Auto, and more details will be released soon.

Photo Courtesy: Speedway Souvenir

AUGUST 27, 2016

Budweiser Late Models

Season Championship Main Event: 30 laps

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 1 Sean Johnson Independence, IA 8R
2 2 Ben Seemann Waterloo, IA 60
3 4 Curt Martin Independence, IA 45
4 7 Darren Ackerman Elk Run Heights, IA 53
5 13 Tyler Droste Waterloo, IA 31
6 9 Travis Smock Independence, IA 1
7 8 Rory Metcalf Iowa City, IA 2
8 5 Dirk Hamilton Jesup, IA 77
9 10 Luke Pestka Robins, IA 99
10 3 Russ Hesse Waterloo, IA 83H
11 11 Mark Hurst Denver, IA 44
12 14 Jon Passick Waterloo, IA 2P
13 6 Greg Kastli Waterloo, IA 73
14 12 Kenny Pint Independence, IA 25

Performance Bodies Modifieds

Season Championship Main Event: 20 laps

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 1 Ronn Lauritzen Jesup, IA 10K
2 3 JD Auringer Evansdale, IA 00J
3 2 Scott Hogan Vinton, IA 33D
4 4 Zach Less Manchester, IA 20L
5 6 Ryan Maitland Waterloo, IA 4
6 8 Brandon Maitland Waterloo, IA 2
7 5 Patrick Flannagan Cedar Rapids, IA F7
8 11 Ed Thomas Waterloo, IA 01
9 7 Jason Morehouse Evansdale, IA 5
10 17 Brett Ladehoff Marshalltown, IA 12X
11 14 Robert Whalen Nashau, IA 23W
12 10 Dennis Betzer Central City, IA 57B
13 9 Todd Jensen Waterloo, IA 7
14 16 Kevin Hurst Janesville, IA 339
15 12 Trent Jochimson Cedar Rapids, IA 3
16 13 Austin Emry Grinnell, IA 68C
17 15 Justin Buhler Oelwein, IA 17

Albert Auto Sport Mods

Season Championship Main Event: 20 laps

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 1 Tony Olson Cedar Rapids, IA T23
2 16 Joey Schaefer Waterloo, IA 2
3 2 Jim Buhlman Cedar Falls, IA 00
4 11 Dakoda Sellers Vinton, IA 7D
5 12 Mitch Manternach Earlville, IA 1M
6 9 Kyle Bentley Fairbank, IA 35
7 18 Kyle Olson Cedar Rapids, IA K3
8 3 Ryan King Montour, IA 57R
9 7 Tristan Cordes Dinkerton, IA 71
10 17 Brian Schrage Cresco, IA 14
11 6 Sean Vogt watkins, IA 29
12 14 Scott Meyers Newhaul, IA 71M
13 8 Steve Wimer Toddville, IA 50H
14 15 Mike Mitchell Cedar Rpids, IA 11M
15 5 Andy Hunter Independance, IA 11A
16 4 Chris Lewis Marion, IA 42
17 13 Nate Smith Cedar Falls, IA 19BX
18 10 Jason Foye Hiawatha, IA 03

Burco Sales Stock Cars

Season Championship Main Event: 20 laps

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 13 Tom Schmitt Independence, IA 18
2 14 Roger Ciesielski Waterloo, IA 37C
3 1 Jarod Weepie Dunkerton, IA 3
4 2 Norman Chesmore Rowley, IA 15
5 11 Scooter Dulin Cedar Rapids, IA 3T
6 5 Russell Damme Jr. Waterloo, IA 4JR
7 12 Kevin Rose Waterloo, IA 22K
8 6 Corey Brown Hiawahta, IA 88
9 8 Scott Hampton Waterloo, IA 61
10 10 Matt Burmeister Denver, IA 20B
11 7 Austin Evens Independence, IA 9E
12 4 Chris Luloff Independence, IA 18L
13 3 Jason Hocken Independence, IA JR3
14 9 Rick Milks Jesup, IA 13

Christy Door Co. Hobby Stocks

Season Championship Main Event: 15 laps

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 1 Benji Irvine Oelwein, IA 79
2 7 Justin Lichty Waterloo, IA 166
3 3 Justin Hanson Hawkeye, IA 23J
4 4 Neal Miller Evansdale, IA 98
5 18 Quinton Miller Independence, IA 73
6 2 Shawn Kuennen Hazelton, IA 35B
7 11 Brian Happel Van Horne, IA 46
8 5 Tyler Ollendieck Tripoli, IA 24T
9 6 Jim Ball Jr Independence, IA 7B
10 14 Brett Knapp Waukon, IA 25
11 8 Rob Twaites Waterloo, IA 16
12 13 Jerome Wilson Waterloo, IA 64
13 15 Justin Ginther Independence, IA 20CK
14 17 Gerald Hall Cedar Rapids, IA 8
15 12 Trent Newhouse Quasqueton, IA 7N
16 16 Amy Thomas Brandon, IA 53
17 9 Jeremiah Wilson Waterloo, IA T64
18 10 Leah Wroten Independence, IA 14C

RCZ Enterprises Indee Cars

Season Championship Main Event: 12 laps

Pos Start Driver Hometown Car
1 7 Donny Erger Brandon, IA 6
2 8 Cole Suckow Cresco, IA 75S
3 9 Dallon Murty Chelsea, IA 99D
4 1 Cole McNeal Dysart, IA 51
5 10 Curt Hilmer Dysart, IA 15
6 6 Carson Less Manchester, IA 48L
7 11 Derrick Knutsen Cedar Rapids, IA 15K
8 3 Russ Olson Cedar Rapids, IA 4
9 4 Brady Kohrs Independence, IA 17
10 2 Kaden Reynolds Cedar Rapids, IA 1
11 12 Braxton Franks Cedar Rapids, IA 75F
12 5 Dalton Weepie Dunkerton, IA 3D
13 13 Buster Pate Hiawatha, IA 111