Tripp 'The Dog' Doren, the beloved pet of Bucky Doren, showed his ugly side last night when Carolina Panthers lost the Super Bowl. All most as ugly as Cam Newton's post-game press conference.

Usually college football dominates the landscape at the "Doren Manse Sports Bar & Grill", but last night we tried something different. We tuned into watch the pro football version of the National Championship Game.

By the end of the night, it was more than obvious that Tripp 'The Dog' was more like Tripp 'The Destroyer' when he finally realized that the Panthers were not going to win. Why a dog choose to cheer for a team named after a cat I'll never know, but that was who he picked.

He started to blame any thing and every one he could think of will going off after the game. This morning, he was still mad, and he also told me to quit comparing him to Cam Newton at last night's press conference, else I might find a 'special surprise' waiting for me when I get home for work this afternoon.

I'll guess we'll stick with college football from here on out. Tripp is far less violent with Saturday football. Me, on the other hand, well, that's a different story. I'm just glad he doesn't have a smartphone to record me.