A Black Hawk County Sheriff's Deputy who was arrested on weapons charges has resigned instead of being terminated.

According to press release sent out by Sheriff Tony Thompson, the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Deputy who earlier this month was arrested on charges of carrying weapons, assault causing bodily injury, and harassment has also been investigated in an internal affairs investigation surrounding the October 14th, 2016 incident. That internal investigation has resulted in the employee pursuing resignation in lieu of termination.

Erick McFerran, 34, of Waterloo has been a deputy sheriff with Black Hawk County since June of 2015.

“It is important to note that our internal affairs investigation in no way draws inference or conclusion to the allegations on the criminal charges, which are ongoing. Our internal investigation looks purely at policy and procedural concerns, and weighs the incident against the expectations of our staff. It is frustrating to be in this position, as I openly recognize that we are all human, and as such, we make mistakes… However, the public holds law enforcement officers to a higher standard, and rightly so. It is imperative that our staff strive daily to reach and exceed those standards and expectations that the public holds for us. It is for these reasons that I find it necessary to navigate these tenuous circumstances.”- Sheriff Tony Thompson.

Any further details regarding this investigation and its conclusions are a personnel matter and protected as such. No further comment will be given regarding this determination.