Dieting is hard for most of us, especially the first couple of weeks. First of all, you are going from over sized portions to healthy portions so your tummy doesn't feel full. According to, cronic hunger may also indicate that your diet is imbalanced or inadequate.

Nutritian experts recommend that dieters eat foods that are rich in protein and fiber to help fight those hunger pangs. Food World News just recently put out a list of the top 6 foods that will help you stay on track with your diet.



1. Bean Soup - Beans and lentils are high in dietary fibers which makes them more filling and reduces the need to snack more often.

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2. Popcorn - Popcorn is great for dieters that feel the need to much on something while they are sitting at their desk at work or while watching TV at night. Popcorn is basically low in calories and can be very filling. There are plenty of low calorie popcorn options to choose from.

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3. Salmon - Salmon is full of protein which means it's more filling. Salmon is also a much healthier option compared to other meat based products. If you are looking for a cheaper option to fresh salmon, don't forget canned salmon.




4. Baked Potatoes - Although baked potatoes are high in carbs they are filling. Just be careful on what you add for your toppings.


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5. Apples - Apples are full of fiber which make them filling. Apples are also low on calories.





6. Eggs - Eggs are high in protein and in fact have 9 amino acids our bodies can't produce.  It's also said that eggs have been known to trigger a hormone secretion that helps reduce appetite.