One of the worst feelings in the world is seeing blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror. First you see the lights and then you look down to check your speed and realize your foot was a little heavier than you thought.

Two veteran cops recently sat down with Aaron Miller of and gave him a list of five different things you can do that might help get out of a ticket.

Carolina K. Smith,M.D.

1. Turn on your blinker ASAP, even if there's nowhere to pull over. That way they know you've seen them. If the police have the lights AND siren on, it means they think it's a good place to stop, so pull over right away.

2. Kiss up to them BEFORE they go to their car to run your information. That's when they usually decide whether or not to give you a ticket. Once they write one, there is no turning back. Writing a ticket and then ripping it up only happens in the movies.

3. Don't be short with them, but don't talk too much either. They might get suspicious if you give one-word answers to their questions. Try not to ramble, that just gets annoying.

4. Try to make them laugh. Don't force it though.

5. Mentioning that you know a cop DOES work sometimes. So if you can work it into the conversation, go for it. Another plus is if you were in the military or have a family memeber that is.